How Much Amount Of Light Is Required By Guppies


Whenever someone starts keeping guppy fishes in a fish tank, the first and foremost question that comes in mind is that how much amount of light is required by guppies. Should you keep the lamp on for whole day or whole night or all day long ?

Whenever someone is trying to keep fishes in aquarium, The best practice is to always try to imitate their natural habitat so that they can be fooled and kept healthy and stable for a longer duration. The best way to replicate natural habitat is to stick to a real life schedule of what day and night conditions actually are.

How To Decide On Which Kind Of Lamp Should You Use For Your Guppy Fish Aquarium ?

Today, There are so many different types of lighting lamps are available for aquariums. Their are LED Lamps, Fluorescent Lamps, Halogen Lamps etc. With so many options available one can easily get confused. The best practice is to use a lamp that can replicate their natural habitat to a greater extent. For Guppies, Installing a fluorescent lamp for depicting daylight conditions is recommended for keeping them healthy.

Also giving them 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light is considered good for them. Although what you should probably do is first figure out their natural habitat sunrise and sunset. Then set it as per that time and You’re good to go with that.

Guppies can absorb artificial light just like an actual sunlight, as they would in natural habitat, to keep themselves healthier. If you really want to make your aquarium fish tank a lot healthier you could also look forward for getting some life plants that can help in bringing more oxygen to the water. You can also set up UV light for your tank along with plants that only take a low amount of light.

How to Automate Lighting For Your Fish Tank Aquarium ?

Giving lighting manually to a fish tank is a very difficult task. Though you can get it right on some days there will be days where you can easily forget to turn your lamp on or off due to several reasons. Ultimately it will end up affecting health of your fishes or may even result in death in severe cases.

The best practice is to buy a timer that automatically turns lamp on or off as per the instructions. It will help you to Stick to a real schedule of actual sunrise and sunset and ultimately will keep your fish happy and healthy. Just figure out how much amount of light you species of guppies requires in natural habitat and set it on the timer and you’re good to go. For Guppy fish i think that any type of lighting is going to work as long as you can give them a substantial amount during the day, So that they can have clear visibility. I would advise going with the fluorescent set up or LED lamp because they use less power and they give off a lot of light.

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