Guppies Lifespan – Guppy Fish Life Expectancy


The lovers of guppy fish have the curiosity to know the life span of their beloved pet. They also try to seek ways to improve the longevity of their guppies. Generally they are quite enduring fish and they are moderately easy to be taken care.

A healthy guppy can live minimum 2 years and maximum 5 years anywhere. Many factors assist to a guppy’s longevity, which may help guppies to live beyond 4 or 5 years. The best cared guppies live nearly 5 years.  The most important factor for a guppy’s longevity is keeping the opposite sex away from the tank. It is a natural fact that in some organisms the life span reduces due to reproduction. The guppies with curtailed or reduced reproduction survive better and live longer than those with higher reproductive effort. The life span of female guppies reduces by reproducing more, similarly in male guppies too. The more they eject sperm the more weak they become.  If the fish is out bred it can eradicate a few genetic disorders which may lead to early death. If you really take good care of your guppies they can actually live for quite a long and good time. It depends upon the tank and the quality of food you provide, temperature levels and many other deciding factors.

To fulfill and satisfy the nutritional demands of guppies one should supply the varieties of food such as; algae, wafers, boiled peas, tropical flakes etc. mostly guppies die if the food supplied is not rich in nutrients.

The major cause for guppies to die in an aquarium is poor water condition and lack of sanitation. If the aquarium is hygienic and the water is changed most frequently and the food is supplied with nutrients then there is no doubt in the healthy survival of guppies.

Fluctuation of temperature within the aquarium also create unhealthy environment. In order to keep the guppies strong and alert it is always better to keep guppies in their favorable range. It is suggested to keep the water temperatures between 70 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Guppies may also die due to diseases caused by bacteria or virus and not detected and treated and medicated at the very early stage.

Guppies damage each other out of annoyance and may die while fighting or crashing into the aquarium walls.

When you bring guppy fish home from the pet store and place them safely into your aquarium it is difficult to know their actual age you may assume them as young, since they are naturally already full grown or close to it. Sometimes the new guppy owners get their fish settled in an aquarium and enjoy just for few months and suddenly the fish dies and you try to find faults in yourselves and regret. In this case you need not regret if you are perfect in all the ways, most likely it wasn’t your fault. The fish you bought was an older one and its time was up.

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