Different Types Of Guppy Fish (Guppies) With Pictures

There are more than 35 types of guppy fishes (guppies) across the world. Guppies are the most beautiful and highly demandable fish of the hobbyist. Encyclopedia of Britannica states that guppies belong to Poeciliidae family which consist of three species such as,

  • Poecilia reticulates which is known as Lebistes reticulatus. This guppy is also known as million fish and rainbow fish. It is one of the world’s largely distributed tropical fish. This species is one of the most popular among the freshwater aquarium species.
  • Poecilia wingei is also known as Endler guppy. This guppy is first discovered in Venezuela. Compared to Poecilia reticulata this guppy species is rarely found.
  • Micropoecilia picta is also called as Scarlet Livebearer, it is highly in demand, slightly brackish water guppy species known to tropical breeders as the Swamp Guppy, Painted Guppy or Barrigudinho Guppy. These guppies are highly in demand and distributed throughout Central and South America, Trinidad to Brazil Guiana, Guyuana and Tobago.



Guppy fish is the most beautiful creature in the aquatic world. Guppy fish belongs to the Poeciliidae family.  Anyone can get tempted by its ornamental look and colorful patterns that’s the reason the breeding of guppies has crossed with other species of fish.

There are numerous and various types of guppy fish with different body tail and eye colors, patterns and textures. Most of the breeders are constantly experimenting to produce new varieties at all times.

If you are breeding for the first time, then you are advised to focus on limited and specific trait. Guppies are in different body, fins eyes and tail patterns with different bright colors. Some of the body patterns are as follows;



  1. Albino the Red Eyed Guppy 

The albino guppy exposes the regressive albino phenotype trait. This characteristic shows red eyes and the absence of black melanin. The red eyed albino appears in various colors and tail forms. Albino guppies with veil form tails belong to body or eye color class. Pregnant female guppies shouldn’t be combined in a heavily planted breeding tank since newly born fry have poor eye vision and they can be eaten up easily by adult guppies.



The AOC Color classification posess all the types of colors and do not fit in any one of the different colors  IFGA Delta color classes.


  1. AOC (any other bi-color guppy)                     

The AOC Bicolor classification covers all types of bicolor guppies that do not fit in blue green or red bicolor classes.


  1. Blue Guppy

Blue guppy is originated from South America and originally found in salt water rivers and mountain streams but now the population of blue guppy has spread across the world. These blue guppies are the most popular fish among the hobbyist.


Blue Green bi-Color Guppy  

There are many types of Blue Green Bi-Color guppies. The mixed blue green color is the most powerful or dominating color against the secondary color in the tail. It should match the color and pattern in the tail. This guppy must have blue or green or blue-green color at the base and the secondary color of this guppy must be at least 25% of the color of the tail. Both base color and the secondary color should totally be different.


Half Black Blue GUPPY

The Half Black Blue guppy species is bright blue colored with beautiful half black body. This guppy could be the part of half black blue species.


Bronze Guppy             

The Bronze guppy is genetically gold guppy which consist 25% of gold color and scaly black outlines on the body. Some Bronze guppies have Red Bicolor tails and some will have Green Bicolor tails. As per the IFGA standards the Bronze guppy must show 25% of real gold metal color.


Half Black Red Guppy

The Half Black Red guppy is a mixture of red with the half black trait. Some guppies are genetically gold which has red tail and this fish would enter the half black red class.


Half Black Pastel Guppy  

The Half Black Pastel fish has half black upper body with different pastel solid colored tail other than yellow. The above image shows the milky white pastel colored tail fish. One should be careful while feeding these white guppies as the type of food fed may affect the pure milky white tail.


Green Guppy

The Green guppy is much searched after color strain. Some green guppies are the mixture of green with blue which gives shimmering look and may change its color to blue, green or purple and according to the type of light and the angle of light.


Half Black Green Guppy                                      

The Half Black Green guppy is a green guppy with the half black body characteristics. It is a mixture of green and black colors and not so easy to maintain a dark half black body with the whole set of fins of fish which are green in color.     



The Black Guppy has deep black color on their body and their caudal fin. It is quite difficult to obtain this type of guppy which has completely black strong color from the body to their tail.


Half Black AOC Guppy                                              

The Half Black Any Other Color guppy is a combination of variant colors. This guppy has half black body but it cannot be classified as black color class.


Yellow Guppy

The name yellow guppy indicates that it has a dominating yellow color in its body and fins, it is not so easy to obtain these types of yellow color guppy, these type of yellow guppies are very interesting as they are rare.


Half Black Yellow Guppy                                      

The Half Black Yellow Guppy has black body with beautiful bright yellow color tail. Like other yellow guppies it is quite difficult to maintain this type of color combination of half black and yellow color tail.


Multi Guppy

The Multi color guppy is one of the most familiar guppies among the hobbyist. The multi color guppy is combined with 3 or more different colors which are distributed beautifully in their caudal fin.


Purple Guppy     

The Purple guppy has dark purple color with fully purple colored dorsal and caudal fin. This fish would be entered in a purple class.


Half Black Purple Guppy

The Half Black Purple guppy basically is purple in color with black half body. This guppy carries the half black body x-linked characteristics and this guppy would be entered into the half black purple classification.


Red Guppy 

The name red color in Red Guppy preside the solid red color in their body and fins. In order to attain clear red color of this guppy the genetic black melanin should be minimized or eliminated.


Red Bi-color Guppy

The Red Bi Color guppies are typically red in color with many variant colors on their body and fins. There are several principles and some of the principles of this red guppy are, the secondary color covers at least 25%of the area of its tail. There should be a perfect match between color and pattern of dorsal and tail fins. Both the colors of base and secondary must be totally different.


Females Guppy

The female guppies have large set of fins and sometimes the color of the fin is very bright and attractive. The females are usually rounder and two times bigger than the male guppies



  1. Body Patterns

Tuxedo – The common name of this guppy is Red Tuxedo Guppy and the scientific name is Poecilia Reticulata.

The Average Adult Fish Size of Tuxedo: Males 5 cm and Females 6 cm


The common name of this guppy is Cobra Snakeskin guppy and its scientific name is Poecilia Reticulata. 

The Average Adult Fish Size of Cobra Guppy: Males 5 cm and Females 6 cm

Place of Origin: Cobra Snakeskin Guppy originated from South America.





There are various fin type guppy tail forms they are as follows,

Veil tail guppy

The Veil tail is also known as Goldfish. It is well known for its long floating double tail. It is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous varieties of gold fish. It is very sensitive and fragile fish. It is quite difficult to handle and breed. The veil tail gold fish’s body is round like an egg. The scientific name of Veil tail guppy fish is Carassius auratus, higher classification is Carassius

The veil tail fish is originated in the United States in the 1890.


Delta tail guppy

The Delta tail is also known as triangular tail. Body length of Delta tail is 26 mm. the dorsal fin ends at the first third of the caudal fin. The caudal fin has the shape of a triangle having 70 degrees coming off the peduncle.


Fan tail guppy

The Body length of Fan tail is 26mm and the dorsal fin ends at the first third of the caudal fin. Caudal fin has smooth curving at the upper and the lower edges. The width of the caudal fin is ¾ of its body length.


Scarf tail guppy

The scarf tail is also known as the flag tail. The body length of the scarf tail is 26mm. The Dorsal fin ends at the first third of the caudal fin. The caudal fin is rectangular in shape and its length is 8/10, equivalent to its body length. The width of the caudal fin is 4/10 of its body length.


Double sword tail guppy

The body length of the double sword tail is 25mm. the dorsal fin ends at the first third of the caudal fin. The caudal fin has basic oval shape with sword shaped tail extending on the either side of the upper and lower fins. The length of the swords is equal to 10/10 of its body length.


Top sword tail guppy

The Body length of the top sword tail guppy is 25mm. The dorsal fin ends at the first third of the caudal fin. The caudal fin has basic oval shape and it has a sword shaped tail extending from the upper fin rays.


Bottom sword tail guppy

The Body length of bottom sword tail guppy is 25mm. the dorsal fin ends at the first third of the caudal fin. The caudal fin has basic oval shape extending its sword shaped tail from the lower fin rays.


Lyre tail guppy

Lyre tail guppy has many color variations of Poecilia reticulata guppy. The fact of this fish is that it matures very quickly which makes the hobbyist very easy to accomplish in their task.


Cofer tail guppy

The body length of cofer or spade tail guppy is 24 mm. The caudal fin is shaped like mining spade. Its caudal length is equal to half of its body length.


Spear tail guppy

Spear tail guppy has a caudal fin shaped like a spear head, the tail fin length is 8/10 of the body length and its height is 6/10 of the length of the tail.


Round tail guppy

The Round Tail Guppy has round shaped caudal fin as it is indicated in the name itself. It is existed as one of the first guppy tail type which comes from the wild type guppy.


Pin tail guppy

Pin or needle tail guppy has sharp needle tips on both of their dorsal and caudal fin. As implied by its name it has pointed needle shape tail.


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